In 2008 our company opened its first group of self- service washing coin machines in Athens , Papadiamantopoulou 15 street.

  • An eco-friendly environment for a hygienic process of cleaning , drying and ironing your clothes

  • Being skilled and pioneering in the laundry sector we own up-to-date ,fully automated washing machines, driers and ironers with washing buckets of 11kg in capacity. In that way, each of our customers can individually wash and dry easily, quickly, conveniently and economically clothes, jackets, sheets, quilts, blankets, bed covers, curtains or any other piece of clothing that needs to be washed.

  • Your washing garments maintain their softness and fluffiness while most of which are in no longer need of ironing at all.

  • Inside our shops our customers have access to a vending machine where they can buy detergent, fabric softener ,whitener, color catcher and whatever is needed in the wash and dry process.

  • The washing buckets of our machines are disinfected on a daily basis since hygiene is of vital importance and thereby our prior care.

  • Inside the fully air conditioned premises of our shops our customers during their stay have free access to Wifi and Tv

  • On the grounds of the expansion of our company, in the year 2016 we celebrated the opening of our second shop in the area of Zografou in Aridou 80 and Papakonstantinou streets. We have proudly maintained our company’s principles regarding the utmost service support of our customers within an eco- friendly and hygienic space where each individual can have the best laundry results

  • For more than twenty years our head departments have been offering their services to a variety of professional sectors such as hotels, rooms to let( Airbnb type), beauty centers, spa, hair salons, barber shops to name but a few.

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W a s h i n g

Inside our shop the laundry process is carried out individually, hygienically, eco- friendly and fast. With the aid of our up- to-date, professional machines of 11kg in capacity our customers may choose the washing temperature where in just 30 minutes they can wash at ease their clothes, sheets, towels, jackets, blankets, quilts, curtains or any other clothing in need of being washed.

D r y i n g

Our , once more, up- to-date , professional driers offer a solution to the issue of drying where in just 30 minutes our customers can have odorless, soft , thread-free, smooth clothes where ,the majority of which, can be immediately folded and placed in their wardrobe having no need to be ironed.

I r o n i n g

Our customers can leave their already washed clothes to our staff so as to be ironed and delivered at any hour and day that is convenient to them.

D e l i v e r y

Except for the self- service, inside the premises of our shop there is the option of us receiving your need-to-be washed laundry from your personal space so as to wash and dry. Then without any extra charge we can return them.

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View our offers

  • 20% discount for university students

  • Free receive and delivery of your need-to-be washed laundry provided your personal space is within the range of 5 km

  • Feel free to ask about our family package-offers including washing –drying- ironing

  • Newly entered service of cloth ironing at a price of 3 euros per kilo

  • Washing and drying of quilt or blanket at a price of 12 euros



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